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take my hand just come in and I’ll show you things you’re looking for
leave your bag full of doubts here in my room behind this door
have no fear, trust in me, like you trusted your mother once before
I’ve been waiting just for you, you’ve been stranded on a native shore

you’re all alone, you need a place to be

just one second I looked back, turned around and followed her voice
she was just too beautiful
and the blisters on my soul were not aching any more
felt like I was coming home

I need a place I could call my home
just a place so safe and warm
hold out your hand and take me to your side
I’d give all for your lovely smile
I’m in a daze, I feel so torn
is this a journey through the growing dawn
I drop my anchor and look around
is this true life that I have found?

my heart aches, losing faith, I feel cold and lost in this entrance hall
all those steps to these doors to those names I’ve never heard before
and I think to myself that I have to go this way right now
my feet stickin’ to the ground, in my prisoned mind theres no way out

Is this my way, a way to break free
is this my home or my destiny
are you a friend or an enemy? 
open my eyes I just can’t see
I’ve lost my dreams, I’ve lost my world
it feels like I have lost it all
my memory – left on the streets to roam
I’m all alone, I’m coming home…

I turned around, the girl’s away
but she left a little message:
to find out who you are
and to claim your baggage
open up some of these doors,
every name has kept a secret
and a whisper on the phone: I’m coming home


Text: © Julia Graff 2007
Komposition: © Julia Graff, Carsten Hütter, Thomas Jarzina, Armin Riemer 2007

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