Losing Sight [Insight] Druckbutton anzeigen? E-Mail

this house is like a cavern, the lights small and murky
I still feel cold and I move like a child
a door’s standing open – clear tracks for beginners
looking into a face and thought it was mine

the room full of mirrors and the door slapped behind me
a million voices asking a million questions about me
a showmaster takes me and shows me to my seat
gambling with my life and the rules are all clear

you’re here tonight
find out more bout your life
cause you’ve lost sight
but there’s no reason to hide
here tonight
solutions for your mind
they tell the truth, this show was made for you

a firework’s flashing and the stage becomes dark now
mirrors change into screens and the voices change, too 
latest news on the tv, the world is in trouble
and the screens start to bleed – conviction or doom?

you’re here tonight
desire deceives your mind
just open up your eyes
and take a look outside sometimes
freethinking not only blind
tear down these walls inside
just listen to your soul …

Text: © Julia Graff 2007
Komposition: © Julia Graff, Carsten Hütter, Thomas Jarzina, Armin Riemer 2007

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