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my eyes are blind, my body’s numb
smell the blood on my cold lips
the borders blur, love lifts me up
to fight with dragons of my memories

I keep on diggin’ into my soul
and let the blisters burst
I’m feelin numbly freed
all my senses paralyzed, I’m gettin into deep

you know – this dream is gettin really weird
you know - the only way out of here (can see your hand)

I’m caged although I broke the chains
and found so many keys
a revelation made for
prayers that could not made before
and still the thornbush(s) burning 
and still the flames are yearning
for my broken heart

you know – this dream is gettin really weird 
you know - the only way out of here (give me your hand)

a soul delirium to make me weak
made by the power of the love I seek
now I’m wakin up lickin my wounds
I feel fulfilled by what I’ve found out

Text: © Julia Graff 2007
Komposition: © Julia Graff, Carsten Hütter, Thomas Jarzina, Armin Riemer 2007

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