New TRANSFICTION web site is now online!

Achtung - mit dem Release unseres neuen Albums "TRANSFICTION" haben wir eine komplett neue Webseite erstellt. Diese Webpräsenz hier ist lediglich noch zu Referenzzwecken online. Aktualisierungen finden hier jedoch nicht mehr statt. Für aktuelle Informationenen benutzt bitte unsere neue Webseite



Attention - in parallel to our new CD release "TRANSFICTION" we've launched a complete new web site. This old site is staying online for reference purpose only. If you would like to stay informed about any news, please visit our new site at



Elleven – Progressive Pop

In 2007 Elleven released their first CD insight and one song went straight onto the CD of the magazine eclipsed. Melodic guitar solos, spacious synth pads, creative drumming and expressive singing – all put together on a sixty-four minute long concept album.

Their atmospheric and rocking progressive-pop has received good reviews from Germany and other European countries as well.  In the meantime they have also found fans in the USA.

Right now the band is writing new songs with a new drummer. Herry Rubarth on the drums and former guest musician Roger Weitz (Flying Circus, Thin Crow) on the bass are permanent members now and form the new rhythm section of Elleven.