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by Armin, 02 May 2010 (updated on 27.12.10)   

Elleven was founded in 2001, when former "Chandelier" drummer Tom Jarzina wanted to make a new prog project together with former "Chandelier" member Stephan Scholz and Julia Graff. They wanted the music to sound more like pop music including retro and progressive instrumental parts. The three of them first tried to write new material on their own, but soon after they were joined by former "Brainside" keyboard player Armin Riemer. At that time Stephan Scholz found a new job in the south of Germany and had to leave the band.

Looking for new musicians they were lucky to find guitarist Carsten Hütter. Without a bass player they devoted themselves to songwriting. Elleven jammed, recorded demos, wrote new songs, changed arrangments and wrote lyrics. In 2004 the final selection of songs for the first CD was ready.

Elleven decided to take a different approach: Recording the CD was their first priority. They did not want to book gigs before the release of the CD. The production of the first CD took three long years. They were able to win seasoned musician and producer Roger Weitz who not only recorded tracks in his Farmhouse Studio, but also played bass as well. Weitz has already played for many different bands, right now he plays bass for Flying Circus and keyboards and mandoline for Thin Crow.

The other members of Elleven had also gained experience in various bands and projects before. Julia Graff recorded her first CD with Stuttgart-based pop band april.days in 2004, Armin Riemer worked as keyboard player live and in the studio, Carsten Hütter played in many cover bands and Tom Jarzina recorded the CD "Timecode" with the renowned prog band "Chandelier" as early as 1997. He also toured Europe with "Chandelier".

Their first CD insight is characterized by atmospheric and rocking progressive pop that combines the musical influences and experience of all the band members.Melodic guitar solos, spacious synth pads, creative drumming and expressive singing – all put together on a sixty-four minute long concept album.

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