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by Armin, 29 August 2010 (updated on 15.01.14)   

Music: since 1982

Synths, vocoder and grand piano

Equipment currently used:
Roland JD990, Korg 01/W, Access Virus C, E-MU ESI4000, Oberheim OB-3squared, Roland VK-1, NI B4, Roland VP330, DIY MT88pro Masterkeyboard - no other master keyboard has these features! All this stuff is connected and mixed with MOTU midi express XT and Roland M12E...

My first synth was self-made – inspired by various projects of the electronics magazine "Elektor" that still exists today. Since then I've had three dozens vintage synths under my fingers: Arp Odyssee, Roland System 100, Roland JX8P, Memorymoog, Prophet 5, CS20M, Siel Opera, you name them. Just imagine what some guys pay for them at Ebay nowadays. I sold them all in the 90s to buy my beloved Roland JD990. The crowning achievement was to touch a real vintage Mellotron M400. It belonged to a very strange guy. I manage to wangle the ARP out of him ...

Former bands: Brainside, Passing Thru, cover bands, various projects at university

Musical influences: Pink Floyd, Genesis, The Who, M. Walking on Water, Eloy, Kraftwerk, Santana, Deep Purple, Jean-Michel Jarre, Eric Clapton, Saga, Yello, Porcupine Tree, Trio, Sting, Coldplay - It was definitely Jean-Michel's fault that I started to teach myself music. My approach used to be: "I can do that, too."

First concert: was in 1983. Dire Straits, Cologne Sporthalle - both aren't there anymore...

Last visited concert: Peter Gabriel, Dusseldorf, 2013

First records: Jean-Michel Jarre, Beatles - Pink Floyd came later, but I got hooked on "Animals" and soon bought every Pink Floyd album. I listened to "Ummagamma" only at my schoolmate Oliver's, he turned me into a diehard Pink Floyd fan.

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