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Acoustic and electric guitars, self-taught, baritone guitar (you can listen to it on the new track »Reproduction«)

Without any musical education I first got in touch with music while listening to Led Zeppelin with Frank and Volker. Jimmy Page's guitar playing really blew me away and if it hadn't for Pagey, I wouldn't play the guitar today.

So I started figuring out his guitar parts just by listening to the songs on my record player over and over again. I still like his approach to combine different guitar parts, acoustic and electric, and to mix different styles today.

Soon after my brother started playing the bass. Since my father used to repair electronic gear in his free time and since there was always a soldering iron on, it was obvious that we took an interest in electronics, too, and built circuits published in the magazine "Elektor". After the success of Blues Brothers movie I used to play in a soul cover band with my brother for a couple of years.

More and more I was fascinated by jazz and fusion, especially by Pat Metheny. Through him and by studying the relevant literature (Thanks to Steve Erquiaga und Axel Jungbluth!) I was able to expand my knowledge of chord progressions and scales.

After a project with Harry Rose who gave my phone number to Julia I got to know her, Armin and Thomas, and later Roger and Herry. By listening to Progressive Rock  more intensively and starting to learn odd metres I realized that these guys and this kind of music are great fun for me and that I can incorporate my favourite ways of playing the guitar into the band's music.


Musikalische Einflüsse: Led Zeppelin, Porcupine Tree, Jimmy Page, Pat Metheny, The Edge, Andy Summers, Nigel Tufnel, David Gilmour, Vernon Reid


Guitars: Explorer, Telecaster, ES335, Les Paul Baritone, Takamine acoustic

PUs: Bill Lawrence and EMG

Amps: Hiwatt DR103, Eminence and Celestion speakers

FX Pedals: Krank Distortus Maximus, Barber Dirty Bomb, Way Huge Red Llama clone, Skreddy P19 clone, Vibesware Guitar Resonator

FX Rack: Roland GP-8, Behringer Denoiser SNR2000

Letztes Konzert: Transatlantic, Cologne, March 2014

Erste LP: Dire Straits first album or AC/DC »If You Want Blood«

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