Insight - Backgroundinfos zur CD Print option in slimbox / lytebox? (info)
by Armin, 02 May 2010 (updated on 11.01.11)   

The release of Elleven’s CD insight took three years of intensive work. The CD being a concept album was a challenge and an integral part of the formation process of the band. The CD was recorded in Roger’s Farmhouse Studio, Kirchherten and in Elleven’s rehearsal studio located at Lohhof, Grevenbroich where keyboard player Armin Riemer lives.



The original idea of releasing eleven songs on one CD was soon complemented by a concept to link all the songs with regards to content. Once the order of songs was fixed, Julia Graff turned the lyrics, of which fragments had already been written, into a continuous narrative. A house and its rooms that represent the soul and all of its facets was to be the setting of insight.  Reminiscences are evoked, anxiety, desire, hope or disorientation surface and doors open the way to a new room, a new path, an epiphany: insight, it’s only you.

More information about the lyrics: media/Songs & Lyrics.

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