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the city sleeps now
my mind’s awake
illuminating the shades
of my soul, my soul
the sky is closer
than it appears
a raindrops kissing
the heart of my tears

a hide-away
the last to blame
my love’s insanity
stand the pain of feeling sane
please throw back the stones
please show me a way back home

talking to myself
don’t understand
the meaning‘s different
of what I expect to pretend
I deny things about me
what do I mean by
loving me
what have I expected
I could or should be

but I can’t hide
a sky full of stones
one by one coming down
a melting heart
in the burning dark
can’t stand the shame, can’t stand the pain
of loving me

Lyrics: © 2007 by Julia Graff
Music: © 2007 by Julia Graff, Carsten Hütter, Thomas Jarzina, Armin Riemer


All rights reserved. No copying, adapting, distributing, communicating to the public by electronic transmission (including by broadcasting and in an on demand service), renting or lending copies to the public, performing in public.