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with a pocket full of stones I close the door, chilled to the bones
languid but proud
then I smell a childhood dream, warm and sweet vanilla cream
feel so good somehow

the door is misted up by steam, the doorbell’s old, the floor is cleaned
I hear her shuffling moves
then I look right in her eyes and my soul begins to smile
cause I’ve found my truth

feel so beloved, I feel so welcome
it seems, like I have turned back time
sheltered, understood and cared for
a flash back, my eyes begin to shine

in the kitchen face to face, we’re talking bout the years and days
and she takes my hand
and she leaves her mould of skin, I would give everything
to meet her again …

should I cry or should I smile now
should I remember what remains
still need your love can’t buy another
loving and beloved is not the same

I still remember all the good days
I still keep you in my heart
you’re still around me, tryin’ to reach you
but I know, everything will fall apart
anytime, anytime, I still need you anytime,
I remember you anytime, but I say goodbye to the old days

Lyrics: © 2007 by Julia Graff
Music: © 2007 by Julia Graff, Carsten Hütter, Thomas Jarzina, Armin Riemer


All rights reserved. No copying, adapting, distributing, communicating to the public by electronic transmission (including by broadcasting and in an on demand service), renting or lending copies to the public, performing in public.