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sitting on the stairway, a ticket-seller sells me
a key for the lovesick-room where your heart is only full of gloom

all those letters, all those phone-calls in the night
you cheated me without a feeling, I have lost without a fight

I turn the key and listen to our songs,
I find some photos in a trunk
a closet full of memories, but only mine not »you and me«

only talking, only hanging on to more
all those tries just for a smile, just to keep the score …

looked out for the best to come, but I knew I’d never won
everything was just a false and cold-eyed smile
was a promise you’ll stay always by my side, by my side

all those walls inside your mind, all those thirsty, hopeless tears that I’ve cried
just too much for your narrow-minded life
it’s just your easy way out – hiding from your mind

so sweet, tender lies, so easy just to say »not now …«
you will never know, time just may show, you’ll never know what’s your way to go

I take the photos and I’ll put them in the fire
and when they burn I’ll feel this funeral desire
just to bring back all those feelings I have thrown away
just to bring back all the love to make you wanna stay

Lyrics: © 2007 by Julia Graff
Music: © 2007 by Julia Graff, Carsten Hütter, Thomas Jarzina, Armin Riemer


All rights reserved. No copying, adapting, distributing, communicating to the public by electronic transmission (including by broadcasting and in an on demand service), renting or lending copies to the public, performing in public.