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you put out the flames and let me see the beauty insight
you put back a strand of hair and look deep in my eyes
like a blueprint soul, like a cryptical muse

you cut all knots, you’ve opened up a way to your own truth
no more betrayal and no more lies, insight it’s only you 
look out on the street, you can go your own way
your bags are packed, there’s no more reason to stay

you found your truth, you found out even more
that anybody could teach to you
you need no doubts, you do it on your own
everyones unique soul is kept deep insight

I take my bags and close the door, step out, breath in easily 
troubleshooting my mind and soul, I feel the sun warmin’ up my skin
face to face, only mirrors can show
heart to heart, she won’t leave me alone

I looked insight and was in trouble deep
but I’ve found the key insight of me
I can see clearly now what’s up with me
I don’t need a miracle cause I start to believe
deep insight

Lyrics: © 2007 by Julia Graff
Music: © 2007 by Julia Graff, Carsten Hütter, Thomas Jarzina, Armin Riemer


All rights reserved. No copying, adapting, distributing, communicating to the public by electronic transmission (including by broadcasting and in an on demand service), renting or lending copies to the public, performing in public.