Roland FC100 mod Print option in slimbox / lytebox? (info)


A long time ago I realized that I could achieve a decent tremolo effect with my trusty Roland GP8 by rocking the EV5 modulation pedal (attached to the Roland FC100 foot controller) back and fro rhythmically.

I asked Armin if he could make the FC100 do that automatically. So he included an ATMEL ATtiny 4313 into my old Roland FC100 and did a great job programming that little chip. Since the ATMEL ATtiny 4313 has outstanding performance Armin also programmed extra features.

  • You only have to drill holes for two 3mm LED
  • Few parts: quartz oscillator, two ceramic caps, one electrolytic cap, two LEDs and resistors
  • LFO can be edited and programmed with the EV5 and the footswitches of the FC100
  • Four waveforms: sine, square, triangle, sawtooth. One of which can be saved for each program change
  • Speed and depth can be saved for each program change
  • EV5 can still be used when the LFO is running
  • MIDI merge function (LFO and program changes and EV5 values are merged)
  • Blue LED in sync with the LFO, it also shows the waveform.

There are a few disadvantages that need to be addressed. With a huge amount of incoming MIDI Data the Roland GP-8 cannot be turned into the EDIT mode and be edited to change to parameter of the GP8 that is going to be modulated. There is a workaround. Turn the depth to zero (this reduces the amount of MIDI data), edit the Roland GP8, turn up the depth again.

Thanks a lot to Armin. I'm going to use the tremolo effect when we record our next CD. I might even create some new cool effect sounds...

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